Concept 06

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Sometimes I get sudden ideas with the props that I've obtained throughout several months. I'll have a partial idea and then I'll wait until I find something else to go with it. In fact, I feel that my ideas are incomplete every time. I visualize using them in other ways, but I take advantage of the inner-inspiration while it's there anyway.

My original intention was to just shoot the lantern cage thingy and the diamond mirror ornament; but once I started shooting I got into the moment, and when I am in the moment I become emotionally aware of many things around me, like how nature could express thoughts and feelings that exists on the inside. I just naturally toss these ideas together to see how they turn out. I may have to experiment with this a little more because they didn't turn out exactly how I imagined, but it's kinda on the right path.

I had a little fun using the glass ornament to produce a double exposure kind of look. I'd focus the lens on the scenery in front of me, and then I'd wave the ornament in front of the lens as it remained out of focus, and then it would show the forest reflection in a surreal way. So anyway, hopefully I can try to be more creative!

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July 21, 2014